Responsive & ADA Compliant Designs

Make Sure You Reach Every Prospective Student

Whether its adding metadata to images or ensuring screen reader compatibility, ARCHITECH has the built-in capabilities to ensure that websites are responsive to all devices and accessible to everyone.

Desktop View of Mountain Resort Theme
Mobile View of Mountain Resort Theme

True In-Line Editing

Make Changes, See Changes

ARCHITECH gives you the ability to edit content directly on the page. Need to update some text? Click, type and save. Create eye-catching pages in minutes with content options like image carousels, video and webforms at your fingertips. It’s that easy — no technical know-how necessary.

Inline Editing Overview

Course & Program Finder

Allow Prospective Students to Explore Courses with Ease

Enable students to find and filter your institution’s entire program offering with a few clicks. Sort by major, minor, location, or even projected salary range. With ARCHITECH, college students are able to guide their future with more information at their fingertips than ever before.

Program Finder Overview
Program Finder Zoomed

Faculty & Staff Finder

Simple, Easy-to-Navigate Staff Directory

Prospective students are as interested in their professor as the course they teach, so ARCHITECH provides a dedicated search feature that allows them to find, sort, and discover more about faculty and staff before the first day of class.

Faculty Finder Overview
Faculty Finder Zoomed

Form Builder

If You Dream It, You Can Build It

ARCHITECH contains powerful built-in features, like our form builder, that allows you to quickly and easily register users, schedule campus tours, apply for financial aid, and solicit virtually any type of feedback or input with ease. The only limit is your imagination.

Form Builder Overview
Form Builder Zoomed

Dynamic Events Calendar

Everything That Happens, in In.One Location

We know that universities are living, breathing places bustling with energy. ARCHITECH provides a robust, easy-to navigate events calendar that allows students, staff and the community at large the ability to share and discover every guest lecture, film screening, and any other campus happening in one centralized place.

Events Calendar Overview
Events Calendar Zoomed

Custom Itineraries

Your User's Experience, Customized

ARCHITECH lets users keep track of their interests. They can favorite locations, amenities and events and build an itinerary customized to their wants and needs. Then they can share that list with co-travelers, friends and family through a link or social media.

Custom Itineraries Overview
Listing Image - Custom Itineraries Zoomed

Responsive Design

Built Mobile Friendly

It's more important now than ever to allow your users to experience all your destination has to offer on their phone. ARCHITECH designs are all responsive which means they are inherently mobile friendly- no small task!

Desktop View of Mountain Resort Theme
Mobile View of Mountain Resort Theme

Image Galleries

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

ARCHITECH provides a variety of ways to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of your destination with dynamic galleries, slideshows and options to pull in user generated content from social media feeds.

Image Galleries Overview
Image Galleries Zoomed

User Engagement Features

Keep Your Users Coming Back

ARCHITECH includes a variety of features that support ALL your audiences, including: integrated booking, media planner, visitor guides, RFP submittal forms, blog functionality and deals sign up.

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See What Architech Can Do for You

Our pricing is structured with a one-time flat fee and then a simple monthly maintenance fee to ensure you have access to best-in-industry tools. These tools will allow you to create, update, change, and rebuild your website any time you want! To see how ARCHITECH can improve your website and site management experience, contact our team today.

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