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ARCHITECH’s revolutionary approach puts the power back into the hands of the marketers. Our web platform provides users with complete control over the design and management of their website. Fully hosted and ready for market in just weeks, ARCHITECH’s straightforward functionality empowers you to refresh your site’s content and design at a moment’s notice. It’s a bold new approach that will have you wondering how you ever managed without it.

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Award-Winning Designs

Our talented team has created elegant designs that leave a lasting impression. ARCHITECH works with award-winning experts in the education and tourism fields to create captivating websites that are as impressive to view as they are easy to navigate. More than just a slick veneer, ARCHITECH-designed themes make it simple for your target audience to find what they’re looking for at first glance.

Fully Customizable

Beyond a gorgeous design, ARCHITECH provides users with complete control over website branding. Change fonts, add motion to imagery, insert social media — with ARCHITECH, you have the power to tell your story however you see fit.

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Content Creation

ARCHITECH is so much more than a CMS. Our groundbreaking content management tools let you tell your brand’s story through a seamless combination of video, imagery, and text. And with ARCHITECH’s in-line editor you can easily and intuitively make updates to your website at anytime.

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The ARCHITECH Web Platform Features:

Custom Designs

An ARCHITECH subscription gives you access to a variety of designs by award-winning designers. These usable, responsive designs are ready to be customized to your every need.

Full CMS Capabilities

ARCHITECH is more than a CMS, but includes robust CMS features that will empower your content contributors and making adding to and updating the site a breeze.

Responsive Design

Mobile friendliness is the price of entry for modern website design. All of our designs perform seamlessly regardless of device.

Listings Database

ARCHITECH is built around a revolutionary listings database. Enter your partner's info once and it's made available across the site and in custom search automatically.

Search Engine Optimization

ARCHITECH is an inherently search engine-friendly platform. You and your partners will reap the benefits of increased organic traffic.

Enhanced Support

The ARCHITECH team sets you up for success.

Media Library

ARCHITECH organizes your assets effectively and empowers content contributors to easily create visually dynamic experiences.

No Coding Required

ARCHITECH empowers users of all technological skill levels. You don't have to know one bit about coding to successfully create beautiful pages.

Edit in Real Time

ARCHITECH allows you to view the changes you're making as they'll appear on the live site. No more switching in and out of preview mode.


ARCHITECH provides a myriad of creative ways to monetize your site. Partners benefit from the added visibility.

Event Management

Adding and managing Events is incredibly easy with ARCHITECH. Automatically surfacing these events in line with related content is an extra bonus.

Mapping Capabilities

Advanced mapping capabilities allow users to see nearby partners and allows content contributors to group lists of listings together by geographic location from the back end.

Polygon Map Filtering

ARCHITECH provides the capability to create custom listings lists by geographic area. You customize the area by drawing a polygon on the map in the back end. It couldn't be easier!

Multi-Site Management

ARCHITECH allows you to manage multiple sites on the same platform. This simplifies workflows and saves a ton of time.

Workflow Tools

If you're lucky enough to have multiple content contributors, ARCHITECH provides robust workflow management tools to help manage that process.

Faceted Search

Your users will enjoy the ability to refine listings search results based on their wants and needs. Creating connections between partners and users is what ARCHITECH does best.

Fully Hosted

Never worry about site up-time, bandwidth or any other niggling problem again. ARCHITECH manages all that for you.

3rd Party System Integration

ARCHITECH has built in flexibility that makes integrating third party systems like CRMS or social media feeds a breeze.

Custom Services

When you subscribe to ARCHITECH, you don't just get the platform, you get the team too!

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Our pricing is structured with a one-time flat fee and then a simple monthly maintenance fee to ensure you have access to best-in-industry tools. These tools will allow you to create, update, change, and rebuild your website any time you want! To see how ARCHITECH can improve your website and site management experience, contact our team today.

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